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Welcome to Jovial Gift Shop, where we believe in the power of positive thinking, mental health awareness, and the ability to create meaningful connections through custom gifts.

We're passionate about mental health awareness.
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I'm Clarece and I am a mom and step-mom. Over the years, I have had consistent battles with anxiety and depression.

What I have learned about myself, has taught me that my depression and anxiety have shown up in ways I couldn't even imagine leading me to respond to life's difficulties negatively out of being overstimulated, burned out, and desperately trying to control my life.

I've also learned that I had a negative talk loop taking over my life. When I was younger, I used to have positive and motivational quotes all over my house on sticky notes to help me remember the kind words I wanted to speak over myself, but as a mom, it's hard to carve out space for just you. That's why I like a good mug, a good sticker, a shirt, or just an item that brings me back.

We hope that you find a gift that helps brighten someone's day, even if that someone is you! Let me know how I can help!