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Boo Boo Bag For Kids - Hot Cold Rice Pack Minis

Boo Boo Bag For Kids - Hot Cold Rice Pack Minis

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These cute Boo Boo Bags provide warm \ cold comfort for the little ones from minor aches and pains.
Made from 100% cotton and filled with long grain rice, these hot \ ice mini packs are fragrance free, eco-friendly and easy to use.
They are packaged in a set of two with use instructions.
Heat in the microwave for warm, moist heat or keep one in the freezer ready to go for quick relief on bumps and injuries.

Fabric prints \ colors - varies.
Size - 3" x 4"
Label reads:
Provides warm comfort for toothaches, earaches, tummy aches (25 seconds in the microwave *do not overheat).
Soothes bumps, bruises, mosquito bites when used cold (keep in the freezer).
I do not claim any medical benefits with the use of these hot\cold pads.
My heating pads are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any diseases.
SaidoniaEco is not responsible for eye pillows / heating pads / neck wraps that have burnt due to excess heating.

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